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Who it is

Hotel Rumors is the recently-formed, much-talked about music project of the acclaimed Vancouver song writing duo of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer, James Faulkner–and guitarist, Colin Holyk. Since forming the band in 2019 and releasing their popular album Riviera, Hotel Rumors has released the dance-remix album Riviera Nights as well as six singles.

What it is 

Hotel Rumors focuses on upbeat, rhythmic pop/rock tunes dripping with 80’s-style synth, tasty guitar hooks and dreamy vocal melodies. Think Roosevelt, Foster the People, Parcels, War on Drugs and Bob Moses… spiralling off into its own danceable, melodic universe.

Why it is 

Hotel Rumors exists because now more than ever, the world needs more energetic, vibrant live performances brought to public stages. With more than a decade of thrilling crowds with their in-demand cover band Line49, Hotel Rumors is ready to bring it each night with no reservations.

“We are writing pop songs that make you feel the excitement and anticipation of travelling to your dream destination, meeting a new love or soaking up the scene in a chill lobby lounge.” -

Hotel Rumors’ sound draws from the guitar, synthesizer and vocal harmonies of the 1980’s New Wave movement interwoven with indie pop grooves of the 2020’s

The songs are rhythmic and melodic and are the perfect soundtrack to pair with your favourite cocktail, your summer pool party and your next holiday travels.

“The songs transport you from life’s day-to-day routines to the excitement of palm trees, beaches, and parties in the sun.”

The musical vibe is carefree, upbeat and positive reflecting the emotions and excitement you have when checking into the perfect Hotel.

Band Members

Lead Vocals – James Faulkner

James began his music career in 2009 joining a cover band that became Line49. He was their singer and frontman for 10 years and performed in over 150 gigs throughout British Columbia. Today James writes, sings, produces, and engineers all the Hotel Rumors songs and also provides song writing and song production for other artists.

Colin Holyk – Guitar

Colin has been playing guitar since his university days at UBC. In 2008 he formed a cover band with James becoming the band’s vocalist a year later. After 10 years of performing together in Line49, the two musicians started writing songs and formed the band Hotel Rumors. Providing rhythm and lead guitar work, Colin also co-writes and co-produces the Hotel Rumors songs with James.

David Law – Bass Guitar

David has been in several cover bands over the past 20 years and he joined James and Colin in Line49 in 2013 and then jumped to Hotel Rumors in 2022. Dave brings his solid groove, tasteful tone and driving rhythms to the band and together with his dynamic playing has amped up H-O-T-E-L’s live performances.

Francois Lucas – Drums

Hailing from Paris, France, Francois has provided the percussion and rhythmic beat for bands on two continents over the past three decades. He was one of original drummers of Line49 and in 2022 reunited with James and Colin. Francois brings his solid dynamics and technical chops, rhythmic creativity and percussive shimmer to the Hotel Rumors sound.

Rob Riley – Synth & Electro

Rob and James have been friends since their high school days in West Vancouver. The two always had a strong connection with music and now are playing together in the band. Rob drives the live Hotel Rumors experience with keyboards and electronic effects building and maintaining the lush atmospheric live sound of the band.

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